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Resurrection Blues: well it made us cross

Wednesday 8 March 2006

Yes, it really was as bad as they say. Phil booed and cried “shame”. Andrew egged him on.

You might think that if you threw enough big names – Arthur Miller, Robert Altman, Neve Campbell, James Fox, Matthew Modine and Maximilian Schell – into a show and let them get on with it, something worth watching would ensue.

But it didn’t. It was unwatchable. Everyone was terrible. The set was terrible. The costumes were terrible. It cost a fortune.

Why did we return after the interval? Well, we’ve always wanted to boo at the end of a show, but we’ve never seen anything bad enough to warrant it. This was our One Big Chance and Phil seized it with aplomb. Andrew is ashamed now that he didn’t join in, but his shame can be nothing compared to that which should be still plaguing the souls of Altman, Campbell, Fox, Modine, Schell and Spacey. We’ll let Miller off because he was dead at the time. But presumably alive when he wrote it, so maybe we shouldn’t let him off. OK then. And Miller