Southwark Fair: a local play for local theatres

Tuesday 2 May 2006

What was this play for? The Whingers really weren’t sure. In fact, by the interval Phil was so unsure that he wanted to leave, but Andrew persuaded him to stay on for the Ayckbournish (Ayckbournesque?) second act device (we won’t spoil it for you) which sounded interesting enough.

Well, yes and no. Not as interesting as the bottle of Lacryma Christi which was the alternative. Lovely to see Margaret Tyzack working (albeit not very much) and Rory Kinnear was astonishingly good. But the play…

Who was it for? What was it about? If the Whingers are going to sit through both acts of a play they really want to come out stimulated or moved or with their thoughts well and truly provoked and this play just didn’t do it.

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