Avenue Q: Don’t Q

Monday 5 June 2006

What was the audience on the night we attended Avenue Q ?

Whooping and yelling even before it started. Have they imported a ready made audience ? Half of the twenty somethings were mouthing the lyrics. Phil guesses it’s their ages… or his?

Frankly Phil found much of the show dated. Broadway audiences may enjoy being shocked but it seemed pretty tame to us. Only one number “Everyone’s a little bit racist” stepped up to the line when it seemed the show was going to soar, but then retreated into a cosy shmaltzy lurve fest.

The performers and puppet manipulation are excellent but it’s a show which thinks it has bite when actually it’s as toothless as the puppets.The Internet may be for porn according to the show but we think it’s to let you know the show sucks. And while we’re whinging, has the Noel Coward Theatre been renovated ? We found it hard to tell. Air-conditioning please Mr Mackintosh and this was before the heat wave. Urg!

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