Hay Fever: Winsome..lose some

Wednesday 7 June 2006

Who did “winsome” best? Well, the West End Whingers thought they did. That’s the problem with Hay Fever; the audience spends the first hour gagging to see how the starry lead does “in the style of the word winsome” and it goes downhill after that rather.

Still, this production had a much lighter touch to it than the last one I saw which left rather a nasty taste in the mouth.

Thanks for squeezing the three acts into two – we had enough bar time afterwards to down a bottle of red between us and another glass for the road.

The costume designer should be shot though. We could probably just about suspend our disbelief to the point of dear Dame Judi seducing a youth (well, a gay one, anyway) but we were utterly distracted by DJ’s upper arms which really did make her look 20 years’ older than she could have been. More sleeves please, wardrobe.

3 Responses to “Hay Fever: Winsome..lose some”

  1. Poor Judi’s obviously feeling the pinch these days. She’s currenly appearing in a Film Four ad dressed as a lobster. Can she really need the money that much? Is she on a cut from the hideously overpriced programmes?

  2. Oh and another thing Theatre Royal Haymarket, again, could we get air-con installed? God knows what it was like during the heatwave. It’s alright for Dame Judi wafting around in her floaty little number. Fever indeed.

  3. […] Why so modest RSC ? You’ve theatrical gold in your cast. And let’s hope her Mistress Quickly is more suitably attired than in her recent outing Hay Fever. […]

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