Fool for Love: fools for paying

Tuesday 13 June 2006

Five (out of a possible six) stars for that pile of crap? Which play were you watching, Time Out?

Some questions:

  • Why was this deathly boring play thought worthy of revival?
  • Why did Juliette Lewis deliver all of her lines in the same whiney manner?
  • Was that amplified sound of the door slamming supposed to mean something?
  • Who has ever seen an American motel room ceiling that looked like that?
  • Why don’t they revive Triangle so Larry Lamb can do something worthwhile. And bring back Kate O’Mara while you’re at it.

And I’m sorry, but £45 (OK, so we only paid £25, but we COULD have paid £45 if we weren’t so tight) for 1 hour and 15 mins? What kind of deal is that? Although thankfully, it didn’t end a minute to soon and we couldn’t wait to get to the pub for a cheap bottle of red so that the evening wasn’t completely wasted.

Save your money. More preciously, save your time and give this a miss

2 Responses to “Fool for Love: fools for paying”

  1. Actually it was 1hr 10minutes..I timed it, it started 5 minutes late to pad out the running time. I’ve experienced this trick before in the west end.
    It was a blessing in disguise.

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