You don’t solve a problem like Maria this way, that’s for sure

Sunday 6 August 2006

Well, that was a promising show for two weeks. Who wants to keep watching now shop-girl-naif Briony Price has gone? I can’t tell the remaining Marias apart, with the exception of the rather arrogant one whose name escapes me.

ALW asked Briony if she thought that at 16 she was old enough to be a West End star? Well, Mr LW it’s only a week ago that you were ranting on about how Maria was always played by actresses too old to play the “girl” that Maria clearly is. You’re asking the wrong question: it’s not whether she’s the right age for a West End star; it’s whether she’s the right age to be Maria.

Of course, Briony had to go; she’s the delightful underdog who would have charmed BBC viewers into putting her through every week. Too high a risk for someone who’s going to have to do eight (sorry, six. see previous post) shows a week.

To be honest, I don’t care who gets it now. The ten that are left are just not interesting. I hope Brioney gets her own show. I’d pay good money to see her in The King’s Head; not so sure about paying to see any of the others in SOM.

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