Lesley Garrett – Not climbing every mountain

Thursday 12 October 2006

Buyer beware!

Following on from WEW reports about how many performances Connie Fisher will be able to manage in The Sound of Music (all eight apparently, after much brouhaha), an interview with Lesley Garrett in last night’s Evening Standard reveals she won’t be appearing on Thursdays. “Mainly so I can be at home with her children…only partly to conserve my voice.”Yes Lesley, very professional.

WEW have always considered Mother Superior to be a supporting role. Is this an alarming new new trend? Isn’t she the only big name in the show? Does the Diva think the public aren’t interested seeing her don her wimple now that “that girl from the telly” is being trusted to appear the expected (well in our old-fashioned minds) eight times a week.

Let’s hope Simon Shepherd (well he’s almost a name) can get his Von Trapp out eight times a week. It’s not as if has Ms Garrett’s clearly too strenuous “Climb every mountain”. And he does have plenty of his own “Peak Practice”.

3 Responses to “Lesley Garrett – Not climbing every mountain”

  1. Marie Says:

    Lesley has every right to a night off to rest her voice. As an opera singer rather than a musical star she’s not used to performing eight shows in seven days every week for six months. Personally I’m glad she’s conserving her voice to ensure that she’s on her usual sensational form on the nights that she does perform.

    Lesley is an absolute professional as I’m sure anybody who actually bothers to see the show before passing comment will agree.

  2. God save us from humourless Internet users.

    And we have seen the show, Marie. What a shame you didn’t bother to check before passing comment.

    LG was just about the worst thing in it. Frankly, we’re tired of her “aren’t I wacky! I’m an opera singer but I talk with a northern accent” approach to entertainment.

  3. westendwhinger Says:

    Absolute professional? In her interview she said having time off was more about spending time with her children than conserving her voice.

    If shes so interested in spending time with her kids how come she was able to appear live on Saturday Kitchen recently. Aren’t her kids around on Saturday? Surely “absolute professional” is appearing the full 8 shows a week?

    She only has to sing one big number in the show. And is off stage for much of the time. Unlike relatively inexperienced Connie Fisher who manages the huge lead role at every performance. Now that’s what we call professional.

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