Box Office Poison

Friday 13 October 2006

Cheez. What’s the matter with the folks in the box offices in London? Andrew outsourced the purchasing of Spamalot tickets to his faithful friend and would-be-whinger Neil who diligently turned up at the Palace Theatre box office on the day the tickets first went on sale. “I’d like tickets for the evening of the first Saturday after Opening Night, please [for he is very polite],” he said.

Imagine his dismay to realise that the tickets he had been sold turned out to be for the evening of the last Saturday before opening night. An easy mistake to make? Ummm. No. Don’t think so. Not unless the box office staff are flaky or not very interested in meeting their customers’ needs or hung over.

So he returns to the theatre to enquire about the mistake. “When you said Opening Night, did you mean the press night?” they enquired. Well of course he did. They’re the same thing. And either way, the dates are wrong. Perhaps the opening night moved? No.

He received an apology of sorts. But wouldn’t a free programme each or something have made all the difference? What would it have cost them? Probably about £1, despite the fact they probably charge ten times that for them.

One Response to “Box Office Poison”

  1. Ah yes the box office.

    To paraphrase Big Brother’s Nikki (remember her? yes barely). Who are these people? Out of work actors treading water until their next audition warrants a call back?
    Miserable old queens who look down their noses at you when you ask if those are really the best seats available? (invariably not…keep asking..I’m sure they’re encouraged to get rid of the crap first)

    I remember the Palladium offering me row X of the stalls for Liza Minnelli and ending up with centre row E after much persistance. I had a similar experience with Liz Taylor in “The Little Foxes”(she was in the play incidently-not selling the tickets).

    And as for the Adelphi being reluctant to reveal when Elena Roger would grace the stage that’s another story (and blog) altogether. As was my query about the performances “that girl from the telly” would appear in (again at the Palladium) as previously reported.

    The Box office is there to sell us tickets, a little help, less disdain and a little more courtesy would go a long way.

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