It pays to whinge at Wicked

Monday 23 October 2006

Like the West End Whingers, fellow theatre-goers and would-be whingers Simon and Nick found themselves at the very end of row C in the stalls at Wicked.

Problems similar to those experienced by Phil and Andrew ensued. They could only see the front of the stage at the best of times and when cast members were on the spiral staircase at the front of the stage, they couldn’t see anything except their backs.

So in the interval, Nick (of whom WEW are proud) spoke with the box office manager who admitted that the tickets went on sale before they knew what the set design was, and they didn’t realise that some tickets would have a restricted view (one more tale of box office poison).

The box office manager tried to insist that Nick write to the theatre manager to complain but caved in under a further onslaught of whinging to offer Simon and Nick best seats (the middle of the row with the leg-room in the stalls) for another performance. He also mentioned that they had had more than a few upset customers.

So, what’s the thinking going on at the box office here? “Whoops, these seats we sold at top price are actually crap. We must contact the poor people who have shelled out for them and offer some kind of recompense?” Yeah, right. That would have been the honourable thing to do; the decent thing. But you have to remember that the one thing box office people can’t stand are audiences. They are scum.

Fans of WEW may be wondering why practised whingers Phil and Andrew – whose seats subjected them to similar visual and aural imediments – did not kick up a fuss like Nick did? Simple. For his efforts Nick now has to sit through Wicked again. Wild horses wouldn’t drag us. Not for all the tea in China. Poor Nick – hasn’t he suffered enough already?

One Response to “It pays to whinge at Wicked”

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