Angela Lansbury – Broadway bound

Tuesday 24 October 2006

WEW are very tight lipped about their ages.

Andrew sees Angela Lansbury’s return to the Broadway stage at the tender age of 81 (that’s Angie not Andy) as an excuse to to think about a trip over the pond. Phil’s not so sure, he ticked her off his list a few years back when he saw her do “Bosom Buddies” with Bea Arthur in a charity show at the Shaftesbury theatre and also saw her turn up at a preview of the original London production of Sweeney Todd. Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson were also there – ah those were the days when real stars would put in a showing.

In what surely must be her last theatrical outing, Ms Lansbury’s to appear in a play Deuce by the prolific Terrence McNally with Marian Seldes (that’s her on the right) as her co-star making their combined ages 159! Apparently it’s about two old tennis pros. That information alone was enough to raise Andrew’s interest. Let’s hope if Andrew does get to visit it won’t be murder he writes.

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