Sound of Music – The Lonely Shepherd

Tuesday 7 November 2006

simon2_small1.jpgAnd another one bites the dust. West End Whingers aren’t ones to gloat (although schadenfreude is one of Andrew’s favourite words), but after relishing the brouhaha surrounding the casting of Connie Fisher from TV reality show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, the Sound of Music cast seems to be dropping out like flies.

After only two peviews The Sound of Music has lost its leading man Simon Shepherd. Originally Little Britain’s Anthony Head had been named in the role of Captain Von Trapp but that all fell through. Now successor Mr Shepherd has pulled out of the production with barely a week to the opening night.

All this follows hot on the heels of the dramatic flouncing out of Emma Williams who had been taken on as an “alternate Maria”.

Sound of Music fans had better hurry along to the Palladium while Lesley Garrett is still donning her wimple.

If it gets any worse some jobbing lyricist will have to be parachuted in to begin some frantic rewriting:

  • “A captain with six children. What’s so fearsome about that…?”
  • “Do re fa”
  • “You are fourteen going on fifteen”

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