52nd Evening Standard Theatre Awards

Thursday 9 November 2006

So, the nominations are announced for the 52nd Evening Standard Theatre Awards. The West End Whingers haven’t yet received their invitations to the awards ceremony which takes place at The Savoy Hotel on 27 November, but fully expect to be there to receive a suprise Lifetime Achievement Award for services to whinging and drinking.

We note that there is still no category for “Best Value Programme” or “Shortest Bar Queues” but in the absence of the things that really matter, here are our tips for where the smart money should go:


Our tip: Frost/Nixon by Peter Morgan. This was the highlight of the WEW outings this year (remember our review?) It was certainly right up there with Kathleen Turner in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

Also rans: Rock ‘N’ Roll by Sir Tom Stoppard (who Phil has never taken to); The Seafarer by Conor McPherson


Our tip: Bill Irwin in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? For contributing to West End Whingers other theatrical highlight of the year. We were also thoroughly entertained by Michael Sheen in Frost/Nixon so we won’t mind at all if he wins.

Also rans: Rufus Sewell in Rock ‘N’ Roll, Kevin Spacey in A Moon For The Misbegotten


Our tip: This is the category we really are qualified to judge and upon which we have no shortage of opinions. If Kathleen Turner doesn’t win for Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? there will be tears.

Also rans: Frances O’Connor in Tom And Viv, Sinead Cusack in Rock ‘N’ Roll.


Our tip: No contest. Anthony Page for Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (did we mention we enjoyed that?

Also rans: Marianne Elliott for Pillars Of The Community, Michael Grandage for The Wild Duck, Frost/Nixon and Evita (divided opinions regarding Grandage. Thumbs up for Frost/Nixon, but WHY dredge up Evita. And it was rubbish.


Our tip: Sunday In The Park With George which both whingers adored when they saw it at the Menier Chocolate Factory.

Also rans: Spamalot, Caroline, or Change, Evita (really??? best musical nomination??? it’s not as though there aren’t a lot to choose from this year. We thought it was lame.


Our tip: David Farley (set and costume design) and Timothy Bird (projection design) for Sunday In The Park With George. It’s not often we get excited about a design but this was very special.

Also rans: Borkur Jonsson for Metamorphosis, Christopher Oram for Evita (!) and Frost/Nixon


Our tip: really, are any of these people outstanding? Elena Roger doesn’t even look as though she’s standing up. Rarely, WEW do not have an opinion here. Would probably be best if they opened the envelope and it was empty.

Also rans: Andrew Garfield for Beautiful Thing, Burn, Chatroom, Citizenship and The Overwhelming, Chris New for Bent, Punchdrunk Theatre Group, Elena Roger for Evita

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