The Sound of Music – ticket tip

Monday 13 November 2006

33113_sound-of-music-120.jpg WEW aren’t ones to gossip..

With controversial casting, rumours of diva like behaviour, a sudden departure and opinions on early previews ranging from “disaster” to “Connie Fisher sings beautifully”, WEW are in a heady state of anticipation. They’ll be dusting off their dirndls and delivering their verdict in a couple of weeks. Until that time WEW are keeping their Von Trapps firmly buttoned.

Add to that an enjoyably bonkers performance on Friday’s Johnathan Ross show by Gwen Stefani of a rap/mix sampling The Lonely Goatherd called Wind it Up which left Phil with his jaw in his lap.

It’s clear that The Sound of Music is the show everyone’s talking about.

If like WEW you just have to see if The Sound of Music is the car crash people are predicting then get 9 additional friends together for a decent discount. (Currently £10 off top prices) Call 0870 899 3342

And if you don’t have 9 friends who want to see The Sound of Music then what the hell are you reading this blog for anyway?

One Response to “The Sound of Music – ticket tip”

  1. DaveC Says:

    I saw the second night of The Sound of Music this evening, and it was wonderful. Connie is fantastic as Maria and I thought Alexander Hanson was really good as the captain, although the people I went with thought he was dreadful. Lesley Garret sings brilliantly but her acting could be better, although she manages to get by

    Connie sounded a tiny bit husky in part – and I hope that doesn’t mean she’s going to run into vocal problems from choosing to do all eight shows. I guess it’s been a tough few weeks during rehearsals

    The set is utterly fitting, impressive in places but nothing to rave about. The mountain looks scary to climb though – apparently it’s angled by eye each night, so the actors are in the hands of the technicians – and hope that they don’t make it so steep that they start slipping off!

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