Ticket offer – Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?

Tuesday 12 December 2006

WEW are nothing if not fair.

Despite hating Caryl Churchill’s Drunk Enough To Say I Love You? at the Royal Court WEW are pleased to let avid readers into a good (or bad) offer when they see one.

Freebie newspaper Metro has an offer in yesterday’s (11th December) issue offering top price tickets for £15. In WEW minds thats way more than it’s worth, but by calling 0207 565 5000 and quoting “Celebrate the City offer” you can see if WEW have really lost the plot.

Running at 40 minutes it’s hardly a bargain. Despite worryingly good reviews WEW are delighted to suppose it’s struggling, but in the spirit of the season WEW feel you should be allowed to make up your own minds. And finishing at 8.15 pm you’ve plenty of time to trash it over a bottle of merlot.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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