Review – Impropera – Made Up

Tuesday 19 December 2006

indexfile_r5_c9.jpgHonestly, whatever next? Andrew is used to “making do” at the theatre but Impropera‘s show Made Up at the Jermyn Street Theatre really did take the biscuit.

For a start, the performers didn’t seem to have bothered finding a script of any kind, let alone learning it.

Not only that, but they really hadn’t thought about what they were going to do very much at all. And then they had the nerve to ask the audience to shout out things for them to use to improvise an opera “on the hoof” as it were.

Andrew was appalled. I mean, really you do expect a bit more from a show than that, even when you’re lurking on the fringe.

They sort of managed to cobble something together and many of the people in the  audience seemed to be having a good time, but really. Whatever next? Unallocated seating?

4 Responses to “Review – Impropera – Made Up”

  1. Anders Says:

    Unallocated seating? That would be even worse than not getting your allocated seat.
    So don’t tell Mr Haji-Ioannou, or we shall be going to EasyTheatre next (in orange??).

  2. Worse than that. In orange and in Luton and at five in the morning.

  3. Anders Says:

    And no bar service, probably. What could be worse?
    Happy whingeing new year!

  4. daveonthego Says:

    Audience participation, that could be worse. Still you don’t mind helping out a friend now and again, especially one of the caliber of Ute Lemper.

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