ticket tip – Postcards from God – the Sister Wendy Musical

Wednesday 20 December 2006

Postcards from God poster - small

It is a truth universally acknowledged by the West End Whingers that there can never be too many musical nuns in the West End.

So the news that the marvellous Sister Wendy Beckett is to be immortalised in the West End has produced nothing short of a frisson of excitement among the whinging set.

Postcards from God – the Sister Wendy Musical will open at the Jermyn Street Theatre (Patron: HRH Princess Michael of Kent) on 8th January 2007.

If you can’t wait until then, you can listen to some of the songs (including A Passion for Poussin) on the MySpace profile or on the show’s website.

Rumours that Lame Lesley Garrett was to take on this role have thankfully turned out to be unfounded so you’ll be able to turn up to any performance with reasonable confidence that the the main nun will actually be performing.

16 January 2007 Update: See our review here.

6 Responses to “ticket tip – Postcards from God – the Sister Wendy Musical”

  1. SnapperFried Says:

    Great show!
    Really gets you emmersed right to the last.

    What I thought was going to be a comedy send up turned into an insightful biographical piece. Of course skits of gospel, rap, and comedy chipped in to make you chuckle but this is one new show with some real meat to it.
    Myra Sands is phenomenal and truly a woman to watch.
    I urge you to see this show as soon as you can!


  2. Hmmmmmmm. Who are you exactly mysterious Mr/Ms/Prof/Dame SnapperFried? Is that your real name?

    Are you somehow connected with this production?

    Readers, please note that the West End Whingers (plus impartial observer “Agency Phil”) will be dropping in on this production within the next seven days. The official WEW verdict on this show will be available soon after.

  3. Harajuku Girl Says:

    I saw the show the other night – the second preview I think. It was hilarious! The scene with the talk show host was so funny and the girl who plays both that part and a man was so versatile. But also the scene with Sister Wendy’s sister made me cry. I hope they transfer this show – it deserves it. I wonder what the whingers will make of it?

  4. The plot thickens, Harajuku Girl. The Independent wasn’t too keen:
    but watch this space for the definitive review.

  5. Yoplumpy Says:

    It appears you have already made up your mind WWE! I am not connected to this production I hasten to add.

    I saw the show on Saturday and whilst I am no fan of musicals, I found it very entertaining. I really enjoyed the contrasting comedic elements and the suggestion of the sadness experienced by her sister from South Africa. The supporting cast had excellent voices and Andrea Miller was great.

  6. Thanks, Yoplumpy. I assure you we haven’t made up our minds already, but every trip to the theatre is a triumph of hope over experience for the West End Whingers. Your description of the show as “entertaining” is encouraging. We ask only to be entertained. Who would have thought it would so often prove such a tall order for the West End to deliver it. Oh well.

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