Get into London Theatre

Thursday 11 January 2007

Get Into London Theatre logoThe West End Whingers love a bargain. So much so that they haven’t paid full price for a theatre ticket since 1593 (money well spent, as it happened: we still maintain there has been no better production since that very first night of The Taming of the Shrew. And it was nice of WS to publicly thank Phil for inspiring him to create the character of Katherine in the first place).

So on one level they welcome with open arms the latest Get Into London Theatre initiative which is offering decent discounts on”over 60 top shows” until 17th March 2007.

Prices of “best available seats” range from £10 to £35 with no booking fees.

16-25 year olds can get tickets for £10 or £15 and the whingers will certainly be bribing street urchins to book a few tickets on our behalf as this seems only fair considering the frequency with which we are asked to pop into newsagents to buy cigarettes for them.

Anyway, to the whingeing. There are a few problems associated with this initiative.

  1. It’s going to put a terrible strain on the West End theatres for a couple of months resulting on a dearth of decent cut-price seats. We may get a bit grumpy.
  2. It may encourage people who normally watch television to go to the theatre. This will certainly make us grumpy.
  3. When we tried to book some GILT tickets online, the actual seats were not specified – they could have been row AA or row ZZ for all we could tell. We got so grumpy we didn’t buy the tickets.

Anyway, now that you know where you stand; give it a whirl. Here’s the list of shows participating.

2 Responses to “Get into London Theatre”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to let you know that the technical gremlins that beset the Get Into London Theatre campaign on the first day have been banished. More productions have come onboard including PINTER’S PEOPLE, starring comedians Bill Bailey and Sally Phillips, TREATS featuring Billie Piper and THE DUMB WAITER which stars Lee Evans and Jason Isaacs. Though it is not possible to choose your seats, the ones you have been allocated are stated before you confirm your booking so you can cancel if you change your mind. Over 70 productions are taking part, offering tickets from £10-£35, so there’s no better time to Get Into London Theatre. For more information and to book, please go to

  2. Thanks for that objective comment, Katherine!

    Have to take issue with you over your statement that “the [seats] you have been allocated are stated before you confirm your booking so you can cancel if you change your mind”

    The whingers just tried to book for The Glass Menagerie on Tuesday 6th February and got to the stage where it asks for credit card details but the only information it gives about the seats is that they are in the “Orchestra Stalls”. Not really as specific as we would like!

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