Dead and buried

Monday 29 January 2007

Today is notable for being the eighth anniversary of the death of stripper and burlesque artist Lily St Cyr (worthy of a national holiday, we feel).

It prompts us to reflect on that feeling we get when we hear that someone famous has died and our first thought is, “Again?”. That was certainly our response to the recent death of Yvonne de Carlo.

The West End Whingers often experience this because so many of their icons are – to put it politely – in the autumn or winter of their years and many of them haven’t been seen in public for years.

That’s why one of our favourite websites is the wonderful Dead or Alive? which helps to settle many an argument. Eve Arden? Died in 1990, apparently. Deanna Durbin? Jane Wyman? Both still going.

Had the internet been invented for just this purpose, it would still have been a worhtwhile invention, in our view.

We often follow up with a look at Find A Grave which tells you where the departed ones are buried. Did you know that Boris Karloff’s last resting place is Guildford Crematorium‘s Garden of Remembrance (his name is on a marker under a rosebush in plot 2, on the left hand side) and that Margaret Lockwood is buried in Putney Vale Cemetery?

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