Billie Piper debut postponed / Evita to close

Thursday 1 March 2007

Neither piece of news comes as a surprise to the whingers.

Apart from Billie Piper’s performance, if Treats is to survive then it needs serious work. The line being given is that the opening of Treats would clash with the press night of The Tempest with Patrick Stewart. Of course openings are carefully arranged weeks or months in advance. Now if the Whingers were cynics they might think Treats has been delayed eight nights for other reasons. We couldn’t possibly comment.

And the closure of Evita? Regular readers will know how impressed we were with the wigs in this production. So the news that it’s barely surviving a year in the west end fills us with great sadness.

2061.jpgFrom his bolt hole in Malta, (don’t worry he’ll be back in time for more theatrical whinging ere long ) Andrew has requested a visit to the skips outside the Adelphi Theatre after Elena Roger has done her incredible shrinking woman illusion on that balcony for the last time. So if fans want to see the whingers clambering in a skip on a hair-do hunt, turn up after Evita‘s final curtain, at the Adelphi on May 26th.

One Response to “Billie Piper debut postponed / Evita to close”

  1. Whew! I will just be making this show under the wire when I see it next month. Glad you endorse the show!

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