Hairspray the musical finally to hit London

Saturday 10 March 2007

Hairspray the musicalIt must be difficult for Steve on Broadway to navigate everyday life with his ear so permanently to the ground of the Great White Way.

But thank goodness he does, for he brings the Whingers welcome news that the stage production of Hairspray the musical will finally reach London although rather ominously we hear that it will be staged in the Shaftesbury Theatre (home of the hits).

The show’s transfer from Broadway has been much delayed, probably to avoid conflicts with the forthcoming film which features John Travolta in the role of Edna Turnblad, the role created by Divine in the original John Waters film and on Broadway by Harvey Fierstein.

The West End Whingers were fortunate enough to see Mr Fierstein in the role and enjoyed the whole experience immensely.

We wait with baited breath to hear if charming, big-voiced newcomer Katie Kerr, currently playing Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors, is still in the running for the part of Tracy Turnblad, as was rumoured. The Whingers are taking a keen interest in developing her career despite her protestations that we really shouldn’t trouble ourselves and would we please go away.

Other welcome news from Steve on Broadway is that the marvellous Megan Mullally (Karen Walker from Will & Grace) is to appear on Broadway in Mel Brooks musical production of his film Young Frankenstein.

(Note to Phil: I’ve just re-read this blog post and I’m worrying that it might make it sound as though our tastes in theatre are a bit on the camp and fluffy side. Read it through a couple of times and let me know what you think. Andrew)

4 Responses to “Hairspray the musical finally to hit London”

  1. If you’re camp, I’m afraid I’m right there with you.

    Also, you might be happy to note that since you can get free wi-fi in so many places in the States, I actually posted my Hairspray item while connecting on a flight to San Diego in Houston. How’s that for commitment?!


  2. becka Says:

    haylie duff featured in hairspray in america on broadway, i was just wondering who is in the London production of hairspray?

    please notify me

    thanks x

  3. Sam London Says:

    I heard Amy Lame say she was originally cast as Tracey Turnblad some years ago, when the production was first going to come to London. Don’t know why that never happened.

  4. Amy Lame??? Was that 20 years ago or something? By the way, Katie Kerr didn’t get the role.

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