Now available: our unique whinging – by – email service

Wednesday 14 March 2007

Apparently one or two people out there do not have West End Whingers set as their home page and some of you aren’t checking the site out every hour as instructed.

Problem solved. Those nice people at Feedburner have offered to send you an email when there’s some whinging going on.

All you have to do is:

And that’s it really. You will only receive an email if we publish something and you will never get more than one email per day. You can unsubscribe at any time although quite why anyone would want to do that we really can’t imagine.
Mind you, it won’t be of any help to some people.

As part of his project of taking charge of her career, Andrew asked actress Katie Kerr for her email address the other evening after a visit to Little Shop of Horrors; she explained that she didn’t have one.

Andrew never questioned her sincerity and maintains that she simply doesn’t have an email address; Phil saw it as just more evidence of her acting talent and wisdom beyond her years.

Geeky footnote:  You can also use our RSS feed of course, whatever that is.

One Response to “Now available: our unique whinging – by – email service”

  1. Daveonthego Says:

    I subscribed and can thorougly endorse this service and or product. I have never had such white teeth and it’s so healthful! Will you be nice to me now?

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