Lord of the Rings: lights on, nobody in the house?

Friday 23 March 2007

Lord of the Rings logoThe West End Whingers’ anticipation of the theatrical event they are counting on to save their blogging bacon continues to grow by the minute.

Exciting news arrived today in the form of a press release on behalf of White Light revealing that The Lord of the Rings features:

a rig that includes over 300 ETC Source Fours and Source Four Pars, 70 conventional Par Cans, Arri 2.5kW HMI Fresnels and almost 150 Wybron scrollers. The moving light rig includes 13 DHA Digital Light Curtains, 34 ETC Source Four Revolutions, 13 Vari-Lite VL3500Q Framing Spotlights, 77 VL3000Q Spotlights, 34 Clay Paky Alpha Wash Halos as well as 24 Martin Atomic Strobes and three Wildfire UV units. The show is also using three Robert Juliat Cyrano followspots and two R&V 1kW beamlight followspots.

If that doesn’t whet the appetites of the non-regular theatregoers among whom the producers found a 95% approval rating, what will?

2 Responses to “Lord of the Rings: lights on, nobody in the house?”

  1. Music Man Says:

    That is just the sort of detailed information that will help theatrical blogs such as yours compete with the plethora of geeky IT blogs that clog up the internet.
    My only quibble is that it is difficult to see how impressive that lighting rig is unless we have other shows’ rigs to compare it against. For example, how does it compare with that used in, say, Wicked? Perhaps you could do a post on ‘top ten lighting rigs’ for West End shows. Or a series of interviews with various theatre electricians under the title “Ill met by strobelight”.

  2. Mat Says:

    Well, I’m impressed, and I thought a Fresnel was some kind of chocolate with a chewy centre. I take it Cyrano followspots make people’s noses look big?

    It’s still going to be crap, though, isn’t it?

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