Ticket offer – The Glass Menagerie with Jessica Lange

Friday 23 March 2007

Glass MenagerieWest End Whingers are just big old softies really.

Just as they can’t resist a good offer, they also can’t help sharing them with others. Beady-eyed as ever, they’ve see an interesting one for the almost sublime production of Tennessee Williams’ classic The Glass Menagerie at the Apollo Theatre.

1.jpgNot only does this show star two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange, but also has a real find in newcomer Amanda Hale.

Andrew’s eye (he only has the one, but it can still spot a star in the making when it sees one) was seen to produce a real tear watching her heart-breaking performance. And this probably wasn’t due to the nasty virus which he generously shared with the rest of the audience that night. Phil was also impressed, especially by Andrew’s emotion: he doesn’t do it himself.

The offer is for a 2 course dinner at the Ritz with a glass of champagne and a top price ticket for the show for £75. Yes it’s a bit steep for the Whingers but it is yer actual Ritz not the bathhouse with Rita Moreno.

Just call 0870 534 4444 and quote ‘Glass Menagerie Meal Deal’. Valid Monday-Thursday for the duration of what the Whingers hope will be a very long run.

And if you can’t stretch to this glamorous offer you can always join us in the queue for the ticket booth which is selling seats at half price. Outrageous.

2 Responses to “Ticket offer – The Glass Menagerie with Jessica Lange”

  1. M/N Holmes Says:

    There is a 4 missing from the end of the phone number for bookings

  2. Not any more there isn’t, M/N, but thanks for pointing it out. After spending hours carefully crafting our prose (or minutes typing in Phil’s case) there’s nothing we love more that to receive comments drawing attention to the errors. Makes it all seem worthwhile.

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