Dr Who does Shakespeare

Sunday 1 April 2007

Scene from The Shakespeare Code, Dr WhoOne of the few rebukes never hurled at the Whingers is that they should get out more. In fact one of Andrew’s New Year resolutions was to stay in more, so last night he settled down for a rare hour in front of the new-fangled television device which magically pipes crap into your home.

But on this occasion he was instantly rewarded with the appearance of one of the Whingers’ favourite comedy actresses Anne Reid playing an extra-terrestrial blood-sucking villain disguised as a sweet hospital patient called Florence Finnigan. You couldn’t make it up.

Well, Russell T Davies could and he did because this was “Smith & Jones”, the first episode of the new 2007 season of Dr Who.

Andrew was rather impressed by the whole thing and his appetite was further whetted by a trailer for next week’s episode (Saturday 7th April), “The Shakespeare Code” in which Dr Who (David Tennant) and his new sidekick Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) are transported back in time to the original Globe Theatre to meet one William Shakespeare who is under the control of three witches.

The Whingers are thrilled, not least because it gives them the opportunity to type the word intertextuality which they have hitherto been unable to squeeze in anywhere.

Phil – traditionally the one with exclusive televiewing responsibilities – is very concerned about by Andrew’s new-found interest in television in general and in Dr Who in particular. He is threatening to clamber onto Andrew’s roof and disable his aerial before the alluring-sounding fourth episode “Daleks in Manhattan” on Saturday 21st April which clashes horribly with the West End Whingers’ bash in the West End and may cause Andrew to be late for his own party.

Here’s the Dr Who 2007 season preview:

3 Responses to “Dr Who does Shakespeare”

  1. Ian Says:

    I am shocked to see the wingers do sci-fi. Never the less a great review. Will John Simm turn out to be the master or will it be Phil?

  2. Ian – Wasn’t the Master powerful, urbane and dignified? I don’t think Phil would quite cut the mustard.

  3. Ian Says:

    No you are right. Phil would not make a good Master. I am sure he will get me for saying that 🙂
    Great episode last week I thought.

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