Yet another trip to Little Shop of Horrors?

Friday 6 April 2007

Little Shop of Horrors at the Duke of Yorks

Those crafty producers at Little Shop of Horrors have come up with a cunning ruse to part the Whingers from yet more of their hard-earned cash.

The Whingers are practically angels to this production having partly financed it both at the Menier and the Duke of York’s. True, this financing principally took the form of purchasing tickets and underwriting some of Sheridan Smith’s bar bill but that hardly comes under the heading of small change.

Anyway, due to a family bereavement Mike McShane (the voice of Audrey II) has had to take two weeks out from the production.

Sadly, his understudy – big-voiced newcomer Katie Kerr (whose career the Whingers have taken charge of) who normally plays Chiffon – isn’t taking over.

But as a very acceptable alternative, multi-talented Whingers favourite Clive Rowe is stepping in until 14 April.

If the show’s sound problems have been sorted, we’ll be there in a flash, particularly if we receive an offer of house seats at

One Response to “Yet another trip to Little Shop of Horrors?”

  1. Caroline kerr Says:

    I am Katies mother and I quite agree she is amazing and has an amazing voice. I think the show is fabulous. I see a lot of shows in london and Little shop just has everything. Thank you for your kind words and taking charge.

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