Vernon God Little and Virginia Tech

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Not wishing to diminish the horror of the recent events in Virginia, but way at the bottom of the anguish ladder it seems to be causing one or two marketing headaches for the Young Vic.

When the Whingers bought their tickets for Vernon God Little at the beginning of January, the marketing copy went like this:

Teenager Vernon Gregory Little‘s life has been changed by the Columbine-style slaughter of a group of students at his high school. Soon his hole-in-the-wall town is blanketed under a media siege, and Vernon finds himself blamed for the killing (rather than the real culprit, a friend of Vernon‘s). Eulalio Ledesma is his particular nemesis, manipulating things so that Vernon becomes the fulcrum for the bizarre and vengeful impulses of the townspeople of Martirio.

Today’s marketing email (note to the Young Vic: yes, we’re coming, we’ve bought our tickets, leave us alone) has a rather different slant:

‘Desperate times throw up the most unlikely of heroes’
It’s Friday at the Sheriff’s office.
Vernon sits in his underpants,staring at his Nikes,
Normal times just ran howling from town.
DBC Pierre’s superbly dark, riotously funny,
fast talking adventure hits the stage running.

VGL opens on 27th April.

Footnote: While “researching” this article Andrew put “Virginia Shooting” into Google to find a suitable site to link to. Two interesting things to note in the results:

  1. The Sun and The Times have both included the term “Virginia shooting” in their cost-per-click search terms. To put that in plain English: they have instructed Google that any time someone searches for “Virginia shooting”, Google should present their ads at the top of the search results, and if each time someone clicks on one, they will give Google some money.
  2. The first “real” web page presented in the search results is the Virginia Shooting Sports Association

Someone with real intellectual clout (not the Whingers obviously) could make some very interesting observations about it all.

Update, 2 May 2007: we saw it

Virginia Shooting in Google

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