Some Photos from the West End Whingers party

Sunday 22 April 2007

Whingers behind maskIf a picture paints a thousand words then the myriad blogging playwrights who attended the West End Whingers party will be spitting feathers.

For the WEW are pleased to present no less than the equivalent of a 47,000 word essay describing last night’s do. A wordier account will no doubt follow, but feel free to write your own scathing review if you were there (or even if you weren’t – we no longer feel the need to sit through something to pass judgement on it).

A big “thankyou” to everyone who came and to the stars and the minor celebrities (you can work out which were which for yourselves) who patronised our humble do. Thanks also to Michael for selling the raffle tickets and to Adèle for presenting the prizes.

Special thanks to Mark and David for creating the stunning decorations, helping with the organisation and taking daguerreotypes.

And last but not least: big thanks to our sponsors, Noah’s Art  – slogan “A business with no sign is a sign of no business” – for printing David’s fantastic artwork.

Now take a deep breath…

[rockyou id=65433228&w=400&h=300]

5 Responses to “Some Photos from the West End Whingers party”

  1. Looked like fun. We’ll try to get to the next one. (If there is a next one and it didn’t go all mental like that Durham girl whose house got wrecked after someone hacked her MySpace page. God I feel old even writing that sentence.) And anyway, we’d have had to wear paper bags on our heads – to preserve anonymity, you understand, not because we’re hideous.

  2. antigonos Says:

    Great stuff, guys! We don’t have parties in our theatre blog, neither star photos, now how dull is that:P
    But we’ re talkin ’bout Athens, so…

  3. That’s certainly what it looks like, yes. Can’t read any of it.

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