Broadway – Last night of The Producers / Opening of Frost/Nixon

Wednesday 25 April 2007

547161.jpgWith a policy to whinge, it comes to something when the Whingers offer high praise. But The Producers and Frost/Nixon both turned their drooping mouths into smiles. Phil even feared for Andrew’s masking tape face-lift.

The Great White Way saw two significant events in the last few days. One of the Whingers fave shows The Producers shuttered (as they say over there) after more than 2,500 performances.

Housed in the St. James Theatre (or Theater as those Yanks quaintly spell it) where the Whingers first visited the show, the venue may be making way for the next Mel Brooks’ extravaganza Young Frankenstein. WEW can hardly wait.

547100.jpgOpening to generally excellent reviews at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater (Theatre) was London transfer Frost/Nixon which also, and unusually, gained their personal double thumbs up.

And what a starry first night it was. London openings seem to think themselves lucky to get Cilla Black, Christopher Biggins and someone from Girls Aloud, (if we even knew who they were) but Broadway still seems to have ‘it’.

Check out the opening night here.

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