The West End Whingers get all political

Thursday 26 April 2007

The Whingers are up in arms with the bureaucrats in Brussels who are seeking to put an end to their favourite hobby.

The Stage reports that the practice of using misleading quotes from reviews will be outlawed:

From December, legislation designed to make “sharp” practices unlawful in all types of marketing will mean managements who mislead the public by selectively quoting from reviews will face the prospect of civil, or even in rare cases, criminal sanctions.

As regular readers will know from our recent analysis of the National’s The Rose Tattoo marketing, the Whingers spend many happy hours comparing the “quotes” on theatrical posters with the original reviews and they take their hats off to Mark Shenton who reveals another breathtaking example from the National on his blog. Strangely, Mr Shenton’s take on the practice seems to differ somewhat from ours, but there you go.

Anyway, if you care at all about the arts, please write to your MP and MEP and object to this nonsense law. We shall also be setting up an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street website. More on that later.

Update: Andrew reports that Radio 4’s Front Row  covered the story tonight with phone-in comments from critics Michael Coveney, Charles Spencer and Nicholas De Jongh. Spencer thought it was taking a “sledgehammer to a nut” but De Jongh’s line was that it was long overdue and muttered grumpily about having his words misused by Bill Kenwright‘s publicity team , accusing them of taking three words that he used separately to describe the production and Tennessee Williams, and implying that they all referred to Jessica Lange.

There was also a producer whose name Andrew didn’t catch because he was laughing so much.

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