Noh contest!

Sunday 6 May 2007

Nakamitsu“It’s only about 45min long max and there’s a pub below!”

Hats off to blogging playwright Ben Yeo (who came to our party) who has got the Whingers’ number.

Ben emailed us to say that he has persuaded the producers of his adaptation/translation of the Noh play…

(or as we always insist on saying: )

…Nakamitsu (which plays at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill from 24 May – 16 June) to give free tickets to theatre bloggers.

Apparently it involves a “beheading, duty and sacrifice”.

The Whingers can’t make the bloggers-go-free night as Mr Hytner has insisted they go to the National to see Philistines that night but thankfully Mondays are pay-as-much-as-you-want night so we shall certainly be taking advantage of that.

NakamitsuWe can’t really tell you much more about it because a search of the Internet only came up with a dental surgeon in California and a car dealership in Japan and it’s probably about neither of these.

West London appears to be where it’s all happening at the moment. Although neither Whinger has ever been west of Marble Arch, they bravely tried (and failed) twice to visit The Bush Theatre. The first occasion was to see I Like Mine with a Kiss by Georgia Fitch, widely feted by the blogosphere and the second to see Elling (directed by blogger Paul Miller who is possibly as nice as Ben Yeoh but didn’t come to our party so we can’t be sure). On both occasions we were thwarted by a lack of available tickets.

Anyway, we confidently predict that if you are only planning to see one translation of Japanese Noh theatre in west London this year, this should be your choice. Noh contest.

4 Responses to “Noh contest!”

  1. Ben Says:


    It’s not about a car dealership or a dental practise. If one was a japanologist one might say it was about
    Giri (duty) vs ninjo (passion/humanity) a pivotal topic in Japanese literature and society.
    It is the sense of “obligation to one’s superiors”.
    Or, in more ordinary speak
    the dilemma between what we ought to do (see more theatre) and what we want to do (drink wine).
    But, I’m not a japanologist.

    It’s so short it’s hard to tell you the story without giving it away bit it involves a stern samurai Lord Mitsunaka, his loyal retainer Nakamitsu; Mitsunaka’s misbehaving son, Bijiyo and Nakamitsu’s son Kochiyo.

    Nakamitsu must make a choice between duty and compassion….

  2. Duty? Compassion? No, you’ve lost us already I’m afraid.

  3. John Says:

    Indeed … I felt that the car dealership and dental practice were safer territories…

  4. BK Says:

    It is a definite must see. It got two thumbs up from me! (If I had more thumbs, they would be up as well)

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