The Eastern Eurovision Song Contest – 2007

Monday 14 May 2007

verkavideo.jpgOccasionally the Whingers’ minds wander a little off-topic.

Andrew’s mind tends to wander at the best of times, usually when he’s watching something by Andrew Lloyd Webber or planning an interval departure from The Royal Court Theatre.

But what could be more theatrical than the Eurovision Song Contest, this year from Finland’s glorious capital Helsinki? Glitter, cross-dressing, over-produced musical numbers, and politics. It could have been an amalgam of any number of productions in the west end. Or just one at the National Theatre.

Phil had better things to do on Saturday evening and could only keep up with a few choice highlights. Andrew however splashed out on a packet of gypsy creams and a bottle of frascati, unhooked the phone (even though it never rings) and cocooned himself for 195 minutes of sheer delirium.verka.jpg

Phil’s favourite, the Ukranian entry Dancing Lasha Tumbai from Verka Serduchka (pictured again just because Phil thinks you can’t have too much Verka) was definitely the winner in his eyes, and even though Serbia’s Lea DeLaria / Pete Doherty clone Marija Molitva took the ultimate prize, Phil was gratified to see that Sue Pollard’s career is back on course.

Ok, so the United Kingdom’s entry Flying the Flag (For You), over eagerly performed by Scooch, ended second from last. And perhaps flying the flag wasn’t the smartest way of representing the UK, but at least it was the spirit of Eurovision, or at least how it used to be. And if Ireland’s entry by Dervish (which actually couldn’t have been less dervish like) was the only one garnering fewer points than the UK, it surely provided a preview of the delights in store at The Lord of the Rings. The producers of that show must be very worried indeed.


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