Side by Side by Barry Cryer

Tuesday 22 May 2007

These are nerve-racking days for theatre producers.barry_cryer.jpg

If the Whingers can’t make it to the theatre, you can be sure their agents will. Having thoroughy enjoyed Side by Side by Sondheim, the Whingers wondered how much better it might be without the shambolic narration of Christopher Cazanove. Spies were swiftly dispatched to check out the wonderful Barry Cryer who took over the role until last Saturday.

He was rather good by all accounts. Not only did Mr Cryer pepper the script with topical gags but he also performed the Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche, patter song “Please Hello” from Pacific Overtures. At the end of his breathless rendition our snooper in the front row shouted “More!”, to which Cryer found enough puff to reply, “I’ll murder anyone who shouts encore!”. Well done Barry. Although Angela Rippon has now taken up the narrator’s mantle for two weeks (whether she’ll be attempting anything so tricky remains to be seen), the Whingers understand Cryer will be returning to the role in the near future.

The Whingers moles were on top form and executed some excellent eavesdropping at the interval.

A group of drama students were discussing The Lord of the Rings – The Musical! in the bar:

1st student: “So what was it like?”

2nd student: “Three and a half hours of f***ing hobbits, what do you think it was like?”

3rd student: “That bad?”

2nd student: “Yeah, but not bad enough to be good.”

The Whingers will be returning their own impartial verdict on hobbit-fest TLOTR-TM! in a couple of weeks, that’s if they can’t sell their tickets. Any takers?

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