If a tree falls in a musical and there’s no-one there to see it fall…

Thursday 31 May 2007

Lord of the Rings logoDid you see a tree hobbling into the casualty department of your local hospital last night and, if so, did you take a picture of it, and, if so, please would you send it to us?

Regular readers will know that Phil’s principal interest in The Lord of the Rings – the Musical! is the technical stuff. Not because he is in any way technical but because there is just so much potential for things to go wrong and seeing things go wrong is what the thrill of live theatre is all about.

With machinery, this is especially true: just the tiniest spanner dropped (or thrown, or wedged) into the right cog or gear could have a dramatic effect.

Last night Phil’s dream prediction came true. According to this post on the WhatsOnStage.com bulletin board last night’s performance of The Lord of the Rings – the Musical! ended after just half an hour or so when…

One of the ‘tree’ people suddenly shouted ‘STOP STOP STOP! STOP! My feet is caught…’ everything stopped. One of the moving flats onstage was moving down and trapped the actor’s feet.

An unscheduled 10 minute interval apparently ensued after which it was announced that the show was cancelled (Whatever happened to “the show must go on”?)

Anyway, the Whingers send their best wishes to the injured swing, Adam Salter (right)and hope his injuries are minor and that he effects a speedy recovery. (Update: “Salter’s agent today said he was being treated in hospital but that his leg was not broken.”)

One mystery remains – where was Phil last night? He was last seen in his local ironmongers, ostensibly buying rat poison. His black polo neck and balaclava are missing too.

Update: More on this in this evening’s Evening Standard. Apparently someone had the presence of mind to photograph Mr Salter being lifted into the ambulance (below).

Update: According to The Stage, “a spokesman for the show said the creative team would be modifying the staging in order to restart previews on June 2”.

WhatsOnStage.com footnote

While we’re on the topic of WhatsOnStage.com, why are they still peddling the idea that Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud is coming to the Old Vic? Don’t they read the comments on the surprisingly well-connected West End Whingers’ ramblings, for heavens’ sake?

6 Responses to “If a tree falls in a musical and there’s no-one there to see it fall…”

  1. Neil Wallace Says:

    “STOP! STOP! STOP! My feet is caught”. Surely the correct exclamation should have been “My feet are caught” or possibly “My foot is caught”. The immanent threat of severe injury really is no excuse for such a lax attitude to grammar. I’m sure Douglas Bader would never have taken such liberties with syntax. And this is on a West End stage. Shocking. Truly shocking.

  2. Peter Morris Says:

    The problem is that the quote was taken from an online message forum dedicated to musicals, where attention to grammar often takes second place to wondering how many exclamation marks can be squeezed in to one paragraph…

  3. westendwhinger Says:

    And Neil, what is an “immanent threat” ? Some strange hobbit wording from down the shires? Or is your keyboard too small for hobbit feet?

  4. I think an “immanent threat” is something to do nightmares about having to read “A Critique of Pure Reason”.

    Didn’t I read that the set fell on a hobbit too? Or is that a different version of the same story? Do they get danger money?

  5. Neil Wallace Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Most amusing. Some people just have to be so pedantic, which is never an attractive quality to flaunt. Luckily I’m blessed with the sort of broad minded disposition that never stoops to petty nitpicking.

  6. […] the same story, Ms. Tripney recalls a post from West End Whingers, who originally recalled it from whatsonstage.com, about an arboristic near dismemberment that […]

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