Star and their Websites 2

Monday 4 June 2007

Due to the phenomenal interest in the first Stars and their Websites, it’s back by popular demand.bigshewliza.jpg

The West End Whingers have been trawling the Internet purely for your edification:

Who’d have thought Liza Minnelli would have her own site? Well the Whingers would actually. Lots of merchandise in the Liza Store and “PLEASE know how much I love and appreciate YOU” (sic), especially if you keep spending.

Whilst on the subject, WEW were actually looking for Rupert Everett but found David Gest. Download wallpapers of David and his amazing showbiz pals!

Chita Rivera, don’t skip the extremely funky intro. Interact with her in the Chita Chat section.

Shockingly, Miriam Margolyes seems to be touting for work, maybe it’s all gone a bit quiet after Wicked? You can even rent a couple of her properties around the globe. Are things that bad Miriam?

You may wish to turn the sound down for Michael Ball’s intro, but clearly his merchandise (jewellery, T-shirts, beenie hats??) is popular as “we’re busy re-stocking”. It seems money changes everything for Mr Ball.

“The future is bright” for Laura Michelle Kelly claims her website, presumably written before she signed up for The Lord of the Rings – The Musical!

Wayne Sleep modestly displays pictures of himself with the Royals (all female) and celebrities. See Wayne admire tutus with Princess Margaret, see him sandwiched between Shirley Bassey and Liza Minnelli, see him with Neil Kinnock (!) and Bill Oddie (!!)

Richard E Grant is apparently “one of our most cherished actors”. Who knew?

Una Stubbs doesn’t seem to have a website, but does have merchandise (watercolours) with a particular interest in “Our David”, Beckham we presume.

Joan Collins, WEW lay odds you can’t resist clicking on her merchandising and the “competitively priced” Joan Collins Eyewear

Stephanie Beacham Her official website is called Simply Stephanie, (.com not available eh Steph ?) in fact there’s nothing simple about it at all, glorious kitsch, tons of blue silk and a wonderful florid typeface. Understandably proud of her work for the Littlewoods catalogue but not too proud to sell a photograph signed by her and Patrick Stewart (it’s considerably cheaper with simply Stephanie). Does Mr Stewart know the Whingers ask themselves? Don’t forget to sign the guest-book or read what previous (presumably edited) visitors have had to say. If you have only time for one make it Simply Stephanie.

This is an unofficial website of Dame Diana Rigg but you can six degree of separation her to any other actor or actress, great time wasting potential. The Whingers tried it with Thelma Ritter and Bella Emberg. It only took 2 degrees of separation with either of them. Fantastic. Off-topic slightly but should you need a Bella Emberg lookalike, here she is. Sadly no Thelma Ritter lookalikes found – yet.

Alan Cumming the fragrance because we like him and it’s funny.

And Nicholas Hytner is apparently even busier than the Whingers thought.

Happy browsing.

One Response to “Star and their Websites 2”

  1. Neil Wallace Says:

    They just get better and better. Or do they. Slightly suprised that there’s no mention of the website (or do I remembered hearing tell of some ancient showbiz feud between the Whingers and the Krankies involving the disputed authorship of a particularly clever joke?). Anyway, the diary section helpfully lists all their confirmed dates for 2007 along with links to the venues box offices. Unfortunately, it would appear, the number of bookings is yet to break into single figures, although there is mention of their appearance on the Comic Relief single, where they were happily reunited with Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

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