The West End Whingers unveil their new logo

Thursday 7 June 2007

Olympics logo 150xA rather sports-themed week for the Whingers.

They completed the marathon which was Lord of the Rings – The Musical! on Monday night immediately after which Andrew performed his own 100 metre dash to the Nell of Old Drury across the road in order to make it in time for last orders.

Then Phil was inspired by the controversial new Olympic logo sufficiently to start scribbling on the back of his hand as he watched Countdown (waiting for Deal or no Deal to start of course) and quickly came up with a new West End Whingers logo.

The total cost of his design was 40p, and that was only because he dropped his Twix into his mug of tea during his Eureka moment.

In a (Nazi?) salute to the Olympic logo Phil really wanted to come up with an emblem which is modern and will be dynamic, evolving in the years between now and 2012 and also have more of a Swastika feel to it.

Expect to see the new logo scrawled Banksy-style on a public convenience near you soon.

Olympics logo w400

2 Responses to “The West End Whingers unveil their new logo”

  1. Neil Wallace Says:

    Took one look at this and had a fit. Not an epileptic one; just one of the traditional old pink variety.

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