Virgin Atlantic introduces The Lord Of The Rings – The Musical! amenity kits for economy passengers

Thursday 7 June 2007

We promise you that we didn’t make this up:

To celebrate the launch of the new The Lord of the Rings stage show in London, Virgin Atlantic is introducing exclusive ‘Lord of the Rings’ amenity kits for all Economy passengers travelling into the UK. The new kit is a useful, travel wallet with an exclusive special Lord of the Rings bag tag, and includes customised ‘Precious Sleep’ eyeshades, a quote from Gandalf on the socks and a limited edition gold pen, in addition to newly designed Virgin Atlantic toothbrush and toothpaste. From today, these limited edition kits will be available for 6 months on all Gatwick and Manchester inbound flights and all inbound Heathrow aircraft from mid-June.

Lysette Gauna, Head of Brand for Virgin Atlantic, commented:
“We are very excited to offer passengers these very special edition of the Lord of the Rings amenity kits. It’s been great fun working with everyone at The Lord of the Rings to create what I’m sure will be a winner with passengers and no doubt become collector’s items for the future.”

If you don’t believe us, look here.

One question, albeit a somewhat rhetorical one:

  •  Why don’t the Upper Class passengers get one? Poor old Helen Mirren.

One appeal:

  • If you lay your hands on one, please, please do send us a couple as we would like to start collecting them.

One Response to “Virgin Atlantic introduces The Lord Of The Rings – The Musical! amenity kits for economy passengers”

  1. blah Says:

    ‘Precious Sleep’ eyeshades – could have done with those for when I saw the show….

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