Saturday 9 June 2007

Regular readers of the West End Whingers will know that they rarely stray from their eponymous beat, being strictly Zone 1 Oystercard holders.

So the idea of travelling all the way to Edinburgh (which is apparently in Scotland) to sit through yet more theatre is quite unthinkable. But this year could be different.

The Whingers have been inspired by fellow blogger Andrew Field who reveals at his Arcades Project a quite marvellous drinking game to play with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007 programme which was published a couple of days ago.

Here’s how it starts:

Get booze ready and open your fringe programme to a random page. Every time you hear any of the following you take a drink:

1) ANY THREE NOUNS IN A ROW (eg. A tale of romance, intrigue and danger) – 1 drink
+ IF TWO OF THESE ARE METAPHYSICAL AND ONE PHYSICALl (eg. a tale of love, life and bathroom slippers) – 1 drink

And so it goes on.

Brilliant stuff and quite enough to make the Whingers re-consider their policy on the whole Edinburgh business. Read the whole thing here. Don’t just read, do. And send us some pictures of the results please.

13 Responses to “Edinburgh”

  1. Helen Smith Says:

    Hello there, I’ve only been to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival once, when a friend of mine was in a play there. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Festival but made the mistake of taking my youngish daughter to see ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ on a recommendation, thinking we were going to see, er, puppets. Instead we were treated to 45 minutes of stretched scrotums – I haven’t been back since.

    I’ve got a play on this year and so I’m going up to the festival that first weekend. Very exciting – I’ve just booked my train tickets. If you do go to Edinburgh, I hope I might see you there. And if you’re there, please come and see my play – it’s called The Psychic Detective. It’s a surreal detective story. So far as I know, the blurb in the programme doesn’t qualify us for any drinks in Andrew Field’s drinking game.

  2. The production stole my heart Helen when I visited its MySpace page and Sugar Town played.

    Although not, I fancy, Nancy Sinatra’s version. And I should know not only because it it is one of my favourite songs, but because – as anyone who has sat for more than five minutes in a bar with me will know – I duetted on this particular number with Nancy herself at the Royal Festival Hall.

    It was the highlight of my life.

  3. Helen Smith Says:

    Oh wow! Nancy Sinatra! My play’s gonna be a huge disappointment, then! (Sorry about all the exclamation marks – your Royal Festival Hall revelation seemed to merit all three.)

  4. Don’t feel too bad about it, Helen. By definition, everything that follows the highlight of one’s life is a disappointment. Hence all the whinging.

  5. Andrew Field Says:

    I got a rather inebriated answer phone message from a friend of mine the other night informing me proudly that she was the first person to play said game.

    Between us we decided a rule should be added that you have one drink for every piece of punctuation in your title – another if its a colon and an additional shot of your preferred tipple for each word inside parenthesis in the title of your play.

    I think our personal favourite thus far is for a show imaginately titled Bean Bar Zambuca:

    “You won’t see: beavers, hockey, or maple syrup. You will see: eloquent joints in action, 6’3″ of virtuosic connective tissue charged with adrenalin. Slippery physicality – enormously skeletal – poignant foodfights – masterful prime-rib dancing. A parade of moving characters.”

    Its going to be a long August…

  6. And the whole bottle for an exclamation mark, don’t you think?

  7. Really is heavy going to wade through the programme – think I’ll give the drinking game a go next year (we were up till 3am last night debating what to book this morning)

    A the moment we’re planning on seeing 11 shows (including Helen’s “Psychic Detective” which caught our eye last week) but hope to add a few more if we can work out a schedule that lets us see a few in a day.

    Edinburgh’s a lovely city – and it even has a West End you can set up home in (if you can find any accomodation left under £200 per night). Go on, there might even be something worth seeing – and there’s sure to be plenty worth whinging about.

  8. Oh, it’s all very tempting, but it’s that £200 a night thing that gets in the way.

    Why don’t you just whinge on our behalf?

    You know you want to.

  9. Helen Smith Says:

    VFTS, I’m so glad you had already spotted The Psychic Detective – hope you like it. Maybe I’ll see you up in Edinburgh?

    I’m trying to persuade Andrew WEW to go (not for the theatre so much as the socialising).

    So far (and I haven’t actually looked at the programme properly) I’m planning to see Tim Crouch’s England and Jack Thorne’s Fanny and Faggot.

  10. Sadly (or maybe fortunately) our track record of picking shows has been fairly good and we only suffered one disappointment last year (and even it wasn’t so bad it was worthy of whinging about).

    With such limited experience of whinging we couldn’t possibly whinge on your behalf, but do offer a suggestion that as well as being financialy prudent would undoubtedly add to the Whinging experience of Edinburgh – pitch a tent in Princes Street Gardens.

  11. Mark I Says:

    The Whingers living in a tent in a park for a week?

    I’d pay ready money to see that!

  12. Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a market out there, Mark I. We are always looking for new money-making schemes.

    Do you think there would be as much interest as that magician that sat suspended in a glass box by the Thames for reasons that now elude me.

    Perhaps we could attract some corporate sponsorship.

  13. Just a shame you missed the deadline for the Fringe programme – definitely more interesting than lots of the stuff that made it in there.

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