West End Live – a picture diary

Tuesday 26 June 2007

Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th June 2007: London hosts West End Live – “the biggest event in the West End’s calendar”

Friday 22nd June 2007: Phil – one of Europe’s best preserved medieval relics – skips town and dashes to Siena – one of Italy’s best preserved medieval towns.

Saturday 23rd June 2007

11:30 am: The much younger Andrew meets up with even younger Would-Be Whinger M/N as arranged in Trafalgar Square.

11:31 am: Andrew and M/N realise that they are in the wrong place as this turns out to be the location of an event hosted by the Jesus Army. Fearing indiscriminate smiting, they flee.

11:35 am: Arrive in Leicester Square in the heart of London’s famous West End theatreland. Join queue.

12:00 noon: Graciously admitted to Leicester Square.

12:05 pm: Some orcs on crutches dance on the stage.

12:10 pm: Some off-duty hobbits sing something in mufti.

12:11 pm: A woman passes out and is attended to by an ambulance crew.

12:20 pm: The Lord of the Rings – the Musical! excerpts end and the woman makes a miracle recovery and leaves smiling.

12:21 pm: Andrew and M/N decide they can’t take any more and leave the party.

12:22 pm: Each makes his way back to his own world.

17:45 pm: Andrew finds himself back in Leicester Square just in time to catch Jenny Fitzpatrick, Melitsa Nicola and Katie Kerr perform “Little Shop of Horrors”…

… followed by Paul Keating and Sheridan Smith belt out “Suddenly Seymour”.

17:55 pm: The well-being of Andrew’s universe is restored and the rest of the weekend passes peacefully.

3 Responses to “West End Live – a picture diary”

  1. John Says:

    Trip to Siena Miller? Well I want to know where the whingers review of Into the Woods is???? With Corrie look alike (Fizz) as Little Red Riding Hood stealing the show in the best revival in town I’m keen to here the unbiased appraisal you have a worldwide reputation for.

  2. M.Richardson Says:

    Bet The Whingers weren’t around when the fabulous Sheridan Smith played Little Red Riding Hood in the Donmar production a few years ago. She was amazing, and received fantastic reviews! She was in such good company, with Sophie Thompson, Jenna Russell, Nick Holder, and her ‘Wolf’ was Damian Lewis! Sheridan is, of course, the leading lady in Little Shop of Horrors at The Ambassador Theatre. Excellent reviews, and the show has been extended until November….don’t miss it!

  3. M Richardson – we were around and we did see it.

    And we’ve seen Little Shop. Twice in fact. Do keep up.

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