Saint Joan – a case of miSTAKEn identity?

Thursday 19 July 2007

The Whingers are rather concerned that an innocent woman may have been needlessly burnt at the stake.

It’s true that when we read a review of something we’ve seen, we often feel that the critic must have been watching a completely different play, but today’s Evening Standard has flummoxed them completely:

Saint Joan - NOT

We saw Saint Joan last week and don’t remember these women at all.

Nor that dirndl.

Nor do we recall Anne-Marie Duff looking even remotely like that.

And we’d certainly remember all that finger-pointing (it’s one of our hobbies).
Perhaps all French peasants look the same to the Standard’s picture desk. Either that or some of the almost-all male cast are adding a little pep to the proceedings by dragging
up. Don’t they know that the role of Edna Turblad has already been cast?

The voices in the Whingers’ heads say it sure doesn’t look like Shaw.

One Response to “Saint Joan – a case of miSTAKEn identity?”

  1. You think that’s funny? Check out what The Times thinks Michael Billington looks like:

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