It is – are you?

Monday 6 August 2007

Independent 6th Aug coverThe Independent newspaper has been conducting a vibrant campaign to shame retailers into eliminating unwanted, unnecessary and environmentally wasteful packaging applied to everything from parsley to vitamin pills.

It is also very fond of giving away unwanted, unnecessary and environmentally wasteful posters and booklets on everything from birds to bridge playing that nobody reads.

This week, it seems to have plumped for a Shakespearean theme in conjunction with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Today’s “glossy poster” is a summary of Shakespeare’s plays though it’s not clear why you might want to plaster your wall with a plot summary of each history, tragedy and comedy (What, no problem plays? Mind you, the Whingers would put them all in this category given the chance).

Anyway, in case you’re interested, tomorrow’s edition will contain a much more visual poster entitled “The Shakespearean Theatre”.

Update: Thanks to Would-be Whinger Mark for drawing our attention to the fact that a Valerie Passmore of London N16 actually read the poster and in a letter to the paper points out that it contains the following marvellously iconoclastic sentence

[Shakespeare’s] contributions to the world of theatre and to language cannot be underestimated.

That’s a bit harsh, even by our standards.

Independent again 6 Aug

2 Responses to “It is – are you?”

  1. stephen Says:

    Excellent whinging, i’faith.

  2. If they really wanted to do the responsible thing, they’d stop printing on paper altogether!

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