Enter own lame pun headline around “goat” here

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Bruce the goat is not turning up for work at the National Theatre at the moment.

Bruce normally plays the role of the main goat opposite Zoë Wanamaker in The Rose Tattoo but the Evening Standard reports that livestock movement restrictions imposed by the government in response to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease prevent him from travelling to the theatre.

The Whingers are calling for a cull. Not of the goat, you understand. The goat can stay. It’s the shows that have to go.

The Five Wives of Maurice Pinder can go and so can The Enchantment and The Hothouse. And everything in The Rose Tattoo can go. Except the goat.

5 Responses to “Enter own lame pun headline around “goat” here”

  1. Mike Park Says:

    “What a bleating lark” ??

  2. Graham Says:

    I don’t think this story is true, they must be kid-ding.

  3. Dee Says:

    Billy Goat Gruff Grief at Foot IN Mouth News. Denies rumours of Spam deal, says ” I have the anti-virus and it’s all perfectly PC! “

  4. fred Says:

    i was at the national theatre today, and sure enough they’re giving out little slips of paper before the performance saying there won’t be a goat. don’t they even have understudies? like a stuffed goat, or something?

  5. Mike Park Says:

    Theatre News . Bruce Now Eloped with Sylvia – Albee Play Cancelled.

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