Imagine your own witty pun here about Peru; we’re too jet lagged to come up with one

Wednesday 10 October 2007

CuscoJust when the London theatre was breathing a collective sigh of relief at the two week absence of the West End Whingers, we regret to announce that they have returned, refreshed, reinvigorated and revived from Peru.

Well, Phil’s reasonably perky with all this extra oxygen in his thinning blood after over a week at high altitude (and all the effort of converting e.g. an altitude of 4,800 metres into feet, not to mention Peruvian Soles into pounds, shillings and pence).

Andrew’s “not quite there yet” and is refusing to do any washing up on health grounds. But he is sporting a rather natty alpaca duffel-coat, which he bought to “pump money into Peru’s economy” along with three postcards and a carved gourd which he triumphantly obtained from a penniless (sol-less?) beggar woman after three hours spent haggling her down from 80p to 30p.

Look out for the duffel coat at a theatre near you soon although don’t be surprised if the gourd also makes an appearance on one of his home-made millinery efforts (don’t laugh – he got a Highly Commended at Harrogate in 1957).

We’ve decided not to blog about the trip, but instead have hired the Dominion Theatre for a six week run where Phil will be presenting a four hour lecture with slides. All are welcome.

For now, we will  just let on that despite the very worrying effect of altitude on our capacity (or even appetite) for drinking,  the local drink – the Pisco Sour – went down very well indeed. And it has also doubled up as a most adhesive nickname for Andrew.

Anyway, don’t let on to the specialist, but the West End Whingers couldn’t resist a stroll down Cusco’s Calle Mesón de la Estrella for a peek to see what was playing at the Teatro Municipal Del Cusco.


It turned out to be Vida Extraterrestre en el Espacio which seemed to be some kind of event about UFOs although we couldn’t quite fathom it. The poster seems to feature a classic flying saucer, a picture of Phil and, strangely, a lamb.

Anyway, we didn’t go, although looking at our theatrical schedule for the rest of the year, we’re beginning to regret it. In retrospect, it looks quite good.

Finally: it has been most lovely to receive so many “welcome back” messages, whether they were ironic or not. So thank you all.

One Response to “Imagine your own witty pun here about Peru; we’re too jet lagged to come up with one”

  1. Tom Davis Says:

    are you guys going to see rhinoceros? i’d say don’t, but there’s such an exciting food-related scene that it almost covers the fact that it isn’t very good.

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