No people like show people

Wednesday 10 October 2007

A fabulous “story” on the Daily Mail website today courtesy of the West End Whingers’ very own stalker Baz Bamigboye (who seems to pop up at the theatre on the same evenings as the Whingers far more frequently than can be attributed to the laws of random probability).

The story concerns Connie Fisher who attended a goodbye party for several cast members from The Sound of Music.
According to BB:

Jokey honours were given to various actors including one for ‘Lapse of Chastity’ to Ms Fisher.

However, when [Ian Gelder, who played Max] stepped forward and declared that the award for ‘the most unprofessional and most unpleasant newcomer goes to Connie Fisher’, it felt very much as if what he said was no joke.

Certainly, Ms Fisher was stung, especially when she heard some in the room at nightclub Number One Leicester Square applaud Mr Gelder’s upbraiding.

The next day, however, she recovered enough to demand, in a letter sent through her theatrical agent, disciplinary action against Mr Gelder.

However, it was pointed out that because the incident took place away from the theatre, there could be no admonishment of Mr Gelder by the management.

Hmmmm, well, actually the employment lawyer inside Andrew’s head isn’t convinced that the management could get away with that argument and thinks it should go to an employment tribunal so that the matter can be settled once and for all.

But the best thing about the story are the comments posted by visitors to the DM website.

Lara Crewe-Hergest of Gloucester, UK has seen the show three times and says:

I am disgusted to hear of this awful type of behaviour being displayed towards Connie, by her so called “professional peers.” Having seen The Sound of Music on three occasions with Connie, she is absolutely amazing, a huge talent and thoroughly deserves to be playing the role of “Maria” as voted for by the British Public. The real problem is the snobbery behind the route of Connie’s success from a TV background, which considered by some thespians is not an art form. We are very much looking forward to seeing Connie in the SOM again and especially for her last performance on the 23rd Feb and know that she will be a great success in all that she does, because she has talent. Jealousy is an ugly trait, of which is too often displayed. Thousands of people can’t be wrong about the musical and more to the point of wanting to see Connie in the show.

Sam Spinks of Norfolk is a much greater authority, having seen the show eight times:

I am very sorry to hear of the upset behind the scenes at the Sound of Music and I certainly cannot accept the criticism of Connie.
I have seen the show eight times, six with Connie at helm and she is every inch the professional.
Finally let us not forget Connie has set alive the West End, everyone connected to the theatre owes her a great debt, so Mr Gelder and friends, you should be very grateful to her and show some respect.


3 Responses to “No people like show people”

  1. JA Says:

    Glad you’re back!

  2. Lance Woodmn Says:

    Welcome back

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