FOOD – GALLERY – BAGUETTE, Michael Ball drowsy, Is Daniel Radcliffe circumcised?

Saturday 1 December 2007

While it’s possibly true that every visit to the West End Whingers blog is a waste of time, some people seem destined to be even more disappointed than the rest.

The Whingers have become mesmerised by the information in their blog admin system thanks to which they know everything about you – who you are, where you live etc. But more interestingly they know what words you typed into Google to get you here.

We have put all the data onto two CDs and popped them in the post to the National Audit Office for safe-keeping.

Here are some of our favourites:

Filed under “Enquiries we are unable to assist with”

  • exorcist
  • guinan hat how to make
  • why do guys say i love you when their drunk
  • Does Daniel Radcliffe smoke?
  • Tyne Daley blog or email address
  • pronunciation of murrah
  • to buy arial washing powder

Filed under “Lazy students”

  • George Etherege “The Man of Mode” summary

Filed under “Of questionable taste”

  • Rosamund Pike in boots
  • Is Daniel Radcliffe circumcised?
  • nudity theatre london
  • in the mouth miranda foster

Filed under “Understandable mistakes”

  • oddbins complaints

Filed under “Curiously perceptive”

  • equus boring

Filed under “Unintentionally humorous”

  • Mark Shenton bad girls
  • Michael Ball drowsy
  • west end lord of the rings cheap

Filed under “What the?”

  • Noel coward Queen mother
  • daddy cool fragrance

Filed under “Thanks, Google”

  • “middle class”

4 Responses to “FOOD – GALLERY – BAGUETTE, Michael Ball drowsy, Is Daniel Radcliffe circumcised?”

  1. Webcowgirl Says:

    I can say for the record Ian McKellan isn’t circumcized.

    There! Now you just watch those hits roll in!

  2. Webcowgirl Says:

    Crap, though since I misspelled it, I’ve jinxed it. Fie.

  3. Sean Says:

    The dear old Queen Mum knew Noel.

  4. Statler Says:

    Visitor stats are great fun – we get a rather large number of hits from people searching for Kirstin O’Brien of childrens TV fame, and Hilary Kay gets us half a dozen visitors every Sunday night after the Antiques Roadshow airs.

    We’ve just had a rather nice example of the Lazy Student type – “compare how willy russell portrays the two mothers and the two sons in blood brothers account for different reactions the audience will have towards them through out the play”. (and if they search again in 15 minutes time they’ll probably end up here LOL)

    Of course for a site like ours that covers a lot of smaller scale productions we also have the fun of spotting the vanity googlers which is always good for a laugh.

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