South Bank confusion

Sunday 2 December 2007

The horrible thing about the South Bank is that you can’t tell what’s junk and what’s art.

The West End Whingers hate it.

This picture was taken this evening behind the Royal Festival Hall.

It’s utterly genuine.

We have no idea.

3 Responses to “South Bank confusion”

  1. mark I Says:

    It’s art.

  2. Martin Says:

    They had these decorations last year when the RFH was under major building work. In the middle of regular building junk it was kinda cool.

    Now the building is finished so it’s weird why they’d bring this back. Context is everything.

  3. she with he of Xanadu on stage seating Says:

    Isn’t this just the Hayward preparing for the Lambeth council initiative of paying per wheelie bin and them hoping a passing Saachi may take it away?

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