Reasons not to use ebay while under the influence of alcohol #452

Friday 25 January 2008

In a vain attempt to salvage his increasingly inadequate pension provision Andrew has been looking at diversifying his investments into “a broader basket of funds”.

This principally seems to mean getting drunk at home and buying things willy-nilly on ebay late at night.

The latest fad portfolio urns out to be vintage travel posters and when Andrew discovered one which dovetailed perfectly with his love of the performing arts theatre-going habit, it seemed the perfect match.

The only fly in the ointment is that it is truly hideous.


This was the description:

“An original British Railways poster. Stratford-on-Avon. The heart of Shakespeare’s England.

An original poster quad royal size approx 50″ by 40”. Published by The Railway Executive Western Region code PR1. Dates probably from the 1950’s. The artwork is by Frank Newbould and it is printed by Waterlow and Sons.

A bright image on the corner of High Street and Ely Street showing shops , dress and motor transport of the era.

In good rolled condition with a few creases and has been backed to protect.

Actually, with some judicious cropping, it looks quite nice and if it doesn’t perform financially (the value of tasteless tat can go down as well as up) this may well end up being its fate.

Stratford poster detail

Either that or it will end up being Phil’s Christmas present come December. It’s more than he deserves: Phil did actually, truthfully buy Andrew a set of Michael Ball coasters for Christmas this year. Not a word of a joke.

One Response to “Reasons not to use ebay while under the influence of alcohol #452”

  1. Admit it, it’s not a poster at all, it’s a tea towel.

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