West End Whingers to be taught in schools

Friday 22 February 2008

And you thought education standards were in terminal decline?

Not a bit of it.

The Whingers were thrilled – vindicated even- to receive an approach from the discerning publishers Pearson Education and examination board Edexcel practically begging the Whingers to allow them to reproduce pearls of WEW insight, that the upcoming generation might drink in their words and find wisdom.

Well, Phil is thrilled/vindicated, because it’s his review of Equus that has been plucked (presumably at random) to form the basis of this new educational cornerstone.

It’s for a GCE English Language and Literature student book which raises a number of questions such as”What is a GCE?”.

Andrew remembers CSEs and GCEs and has some awareness of the existence of GCSEs but can’t recall any GCE. Phil vaguely remembers metriculating but can’t remember anything that happened yesterday.

Sensing a hoax, the Whingers requested more details, but were assured that:

It’s being published in response to an overwhelming demand by teachers across the country. It provides unit-to-unit support for the new GCE specifications [and is] written by expert author teams including senior examiners and catering for a broad ability range


Apparently, students will be invited to compare and contrast Phil’s ramblings with a transcript of a Newsnight Review panel discussion on Shakespeare’s Henry V at the National Theatre which Andrew maintains is a bit like pitting Bob the Builder againt Salman Rushdie. But whatever.

Whatever it is, 10,000 copies of it will be published in May.

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