In which theatre turns out to have some use. Oh, and the Olivier Awards have happened.

Monday 10 March 2008

The Whingers respectfully draw your attention to this article in The Guardian about Minnesota:

More than 100 bars across the state have started holding “theatre nights” in which patrons are encouraged to dress up in period costume and project their voices, playbills are pinned on the walls, and bar paraphernalia makes up the props.

The bars are seeking to bypass a smoking ban introduced last October by exploiting a loophole that allows cigarettes to be puffed in theatrical productions.

What began as an idea by a Minnesota lawyer, Mark Benjamin, to get round what he saw as an unjustified prohibition has snowballed into a state-wide protest. Bars have taken to calling their theatre nights “Before the Ban”, which allows them to claim that their customers are in character playing themselves before the October injunction came down.


One the subject of the Olivier Awards…

The Whingers have nothing to say. They are naturally delighted for Leanne (right) and Michael and Tracie et al but this is a vacuous, self-congratulatory, irrelevant, arbitrary set of awards that the Whingers refuse to recognise, let alone condone.

Until such time as they receive an invitation to the ceremony.

4 Responses to “In which theatre turns out to have some use. Oh, and the Olivier Awards have happened.”

  1. Oh, you gits, I’d earmarked that Minnesota story for a Theatre Record Quote of the Fortnight and here you beat me to it.

    And after 18 years in the game, and now senior crit of a major national, nay international paper, I’ve yet to receive an invite to any of the major award beanos. But am I bitter? Ask me in private.

  2. Sorry, my last comment might be taken to imply that the Critics’ Circle Awards are not “major”. They are, of course, the only ones that really count, being voted for by the collective body rather than a cosy coterie, and by those with the widest and deepest experience of theatregoing blah blah have I worked my way out of this one yet?

  3. Very elegant back-peddling, Ian. Well done.

    To be fair, it would be worse than rude were the Critics Circle to snub you given that you are their Hon Secretary.

    Even so, we are stunned to learn that you don’t get invited to the rest, particularly as that young Mr Haydon you have taken under your wing got to go to the Oliviers. Now THAT is a slight.

  4. NOTHING about me is slight!

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