In which the Whingers are shouted at

Friday 25 April 2008

So there was Phil twiddling his thumbs on the top deck of the number 9 having given up on a killer sudoku when he received a call from an even-less-coherent-than-normal Andrew. Apparently the West End Whingers were mentioned on something called Capital Radio this morning.

Andrew had received a call from his electrician (he’s finally having electricity installed having given up on gas-lighting – too many people fiddling with his dimmers apparently) and from what he could gather the West End Whingers were given a “shout” (whatever that means) – possibly from Denise van Outen.

A howl of anguish we could understand, but a shout – what does it all mean?

Presumably it’s a breakfast radio thing – very nice of whoever it was but at that time of the morning Andrew is nodding sagely along to the Today programme and Phil is glued to breakfast TV with a bowl of Frosties tapping his mules together with excitement.

Anyhoo details are fuzzy but if anyone can enlighten us as to what it meant or how it came about please feel at liberty to fill us in.

Perhaps DVO has given up on I’d Do Anything and thinks the Whingers could be Nancys?

5 Responses to “In which the Whingers are shouted at”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Further to this WEW were also mentioned in The Stage this week by the delightful Dillie Keane.

  2. Kieron Cooper Says:

    Also, other day WEW where quoted in The Guardian in an article about how crap Gone With The Wind is!!!!!!!

  3. A “shout” is what you Jimmy Young listening types would recognise as a “mench”. Not be confused with a mensch, although you’re each one of those, fersure. And when I say “one of those”, I don’t mean… Shut up, Ian. Right-ho.

  4. Peter Says:

    Could it have been a “shout out”? That’s usually the term, “shout out” not just “shout” or at least that’s how it’s used in America. It just means to give a friendly greeting, almost always when the greeting is delivered over a public medium like TV or radio. “I want to give a shout out to my mom, my dog Poochie….” It’s a little confusing why Denise van Outen would be giving a shout out to the West End Whingers since it doesn’t appear that she knows them; a shout out is typically given to acquaintances, not strangers. In any case, it’s a good thing.

  5. Well, I think we’ve cleared up one thing anyway – no-one listens to the Capital Radio.

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