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A letter to The Guardian (as yet unpublished)

Saturday 14 June 2008

It is well known that facts are not our forte, but on this occasion we are fairly confident that it is Ray Shell’s memory which is playing tricks (Goodbye, cruel wind, June 12).

Mr Shell claims he went home after the first preview of Gone With The Wind “to read damning comments on a blog called the West End Whingers”. The first preview was cancelled so presumably he is referring to Saturday 5th April. We didn’t see it until Tuesday 8th April and were far too traumatised to type anything about it until Thursday 10th April.

While it may be comforting for Mr Shell to lay the blame for the show’s failure at the door of the blogosphere (i.e. the paying public) his comment that the cast “had doubts about the music and the length of the script” might well prove a more fruitful avenue of forensic investigation, as might his revelation that the 30 non-principals needed something to do “so we became narrators.”

For the record, we had no problems with the cast and certainly no beef with Mr Shell’s Pork.

Andrew & Phil
The West End Whingers